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Pay and Benefits

For any company that has employees, like the reputation management company, pay and benefits is an important factor to take into consideration by the human resource management. When there are pay and benefit factors involved in an organization, this will have a great social and economic impact on employees and communities. This allows company policies and practices to transfer the burden and add stress on local social services systems as a result of inadequate wages and benefits. It is important for a sustainable organization to benefit from ensuring the compensation structure is fair and equitable for employees and employers. Internal equity would be present if employers across the organization generally receive the same pay if they are different genders and have been there for equal amount of time. External equity would be the fairness of pay relative to what other employers are paying for similar labor somewhere else. It is important for any organization to conduct data research on pay studies annually to ensure programs remain competitive and implement annual review cycle for ongoing monitoring.

Companies have the choice to develop compensational systems based upon an elitist system that is established in different compensation plans for different employee groups or an egalitarian system, which is having most employees under the same equal compensation plan. One specific employee benefit of interest to the sustainable business is the commuter-choice tax benefit which his the federal tax code that allows employers to provide commuter-choice tax benefits to employees which means employees who commute to work using a car, or public transit can set aside up to 230$ per month in pre-tax dollars for commuting expense and also up to 230$ for parking expenses. Then, the employer is also able to claim a tax deduction for the expense and it is considered a business expense since it is listed as a fringe benefit and not as wage or salary benefit.

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